Conference Tracks

A scientific conference explores the developments of scientific research in the field of applied engineering sciences, technologies, material science, environmental and engineering management, in order to support inter-disciplinary work. The conference is being organized by Faculty of Engineering Garabouli, and Faculty of Engineering Al-khoms. The follwoing are the main tracks but not limted to:

1- Communication and Information Technology.

  • 1- Broad Band Communication
  • Intelligent Communication.
  • Mobile, Wireless and Optical Communication.
  • Wireless Sensor Networks.
  • Signal and Image Processing.
  • Software Engineering and Cloud Computing.
  • Computer Networks and Security.
  • E-Government and E-Commerce.
  • Education and Information Technology.

2- Electrical and Electronics Engineering

  • Smart Grid Systems and Applications.
  • Power Quality Improvement Techniques.
  • Control System Technologies.
  • Power System Modeling and Simulation.
  • Power System Generation.

3- Oil and Chemical Engineering.

  • Oil Exploration and Production Operations.
  •  Polymer Engineering and Technology
  • Oil Refining Processes.
  • Corrosion and Method of Prevention and treatment.
  • Membrane science and Water Desalination.
  • Modeling and Design in Chemical Processing.
  • Separation processes and Petrochemical Production.

4- Industrial, Structural Technologies and Science Material

  • Concrete and Building Technologies.
  • Roads Engineering and survey.
  • Design and Analysis of Mechanical and Structural.
  • Production Processes, Welding Techniques and Heat Treatment.
  • Rehabilitation of Engineering Facilities.
  • Destructive and Non-destructive Tests.
  • Engineering Materials and their Applications.
  • Nano Technology in Engineering fields.

5- Engineering Systems and Sustainable Development

  • Renewable and Alternative Energies.
  • Water Purification and Water Distribution Networks.
  • Feedback and Optimal Control Systems.
  • Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems.
  • Power System Generation.
  • Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems.
  • Environmental waste management.
  • Auditory and visual pollution.
  • Auditory and visual pollution.
  • More Topics on Architecture & Urban Planning.  See HERE

6- Engineering Management

  • Risk Management.
  • Design and Implementation Management.
  • Quality Management Systems.
  • Natural Resource Management.